Vishy Anand might have a Psychological Edge

You won't find the chess champions giving interviews like NBA players or Hollywood celebrities. Most of them are very reserved and use words carefully. There has been couple of interviews which caught Chessism's attention. We have analyzed the interview patterns of the current world champion Magnus Carlsen & Vishy Anand. The patterns shows more positive vibes from the previous world champion.
Vishy Anand is clearly looking for a revenge & Carlsen clearly is not at his best

Vishy Anand's recent Quotes

  1. I am in competition with myself 
  2. You realize the only competition is your mind and body
  3. There is always unfinished business.
  4. Now it is the last mile of preparation 
  5. I can say I am happy with my chess

Magnus Carlsen's recent Quotes 

  1. I don’t think this is the right time to be having an event in Russia
  2. They’re ok. I have been studying a lot of games from the past; what the past world champions have done and so on
  3. I am not happy with my chess recently
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