Magnus Carlsen's interview with an Indian News paper

Carlsen won't wish Good luck to Vishy
Carlsen found time for another interview with the Indian News paper "The Hindu" before his trip to Alps. He soon will be joined by his regular trainers and secret "seconds".

Carlsen's main observations -

a. I think it’s a good thing for Vishy Anand that he has been playing well. I am happy for him. I have known him for many years; we have good relations. But obviously I don’t wish him well when he is playing me. Vishy has been making fewer mistakes in the past 2 tournaments - Candidates & Bilbao masters tournament. He has been consistent too.

2. I have been studying a lot of games from the past; what the past world champions have done and so on. Perhaps more of a general preparation than concrete preparation for the match. It’s been a little bit different this time since the venue was ready but the contracts were signed no more than a month ago. Last time [in Chennai, November 2013] I knew like five months, maybe even six months, in advance when it was going to take place and where; so it was easier. This time it’s a little trickier, but on the other hand I know Anand better this time.

3. I have been reading about some past champions. Without any false modesty, I find a little bit of myself in several of them. I have been reading about the match between Fischer and Karpov that didn’t happen [In 1975, Bobby Fischer forfeited his title by refusing to play Anatoly Karpov]. I find a bit of myself in both those players. Another I could compare myself to is actually an American: Reuben Fine, who was very strong but quit chess early on. I was just reading about him the other day and it didn’t strike me before but now it strikes me that what he was doing in chess is similar to what I am doing.
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