Kasparov warns Carlsen's team of unfavourable conditions in Sochi

The former world champion Gary Kasparov can't stay away from making controversial statements. The latest from the Kasparov's camp is on Russia & conditions during Carlsen Anand World Chess Championship 2104 Match. Meanwhile the current world chess champion Magnus Carlsen is in Alps for high altitude training.

Kasparov expect President Putin will create unfavorable conditions for Magnus Carlsen's team. Norway was supporting Kasparov for the FIDE presidential elections. World Chess championship matches tend to have controversies attached to it. Be it Topalov-Anand, Topalov-Kramnik or the last year Anand-Carlsen. Carlsen's team suspected of having electronic devices in the hotel rooms to spy.

Earlier Norway's Prime Minister Erna Solberg declined the invitation to attend the Chess World Championship in Sochi.

Chess enthusiasts will be able to follow the world chess championship live starting from November 6th.
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