Jon Ludvig Hammer helps Magnus Carlsen in World Chess Championship 2014

Jon Ludvig Hammer worked around the clock that's second to Magnus Carlsen at the World Championships last year. It ended as familiar with the world champion title for the popular Norwegian, and now Hammer again been asked to be part of the team that will help Carlsen to win over Vishy Anand.

- It's great that I get to be second, again. World Cup is the biggest you can attend as a chess player, and it is incredibly great to be a part of it, says Hammer TV 2.

The details of the cooperation is not yet set in stone, but preparations are already well underway.

- It was the late one clarification, so I do not know if I'll be in Sochi yet. But we are well underway to make plans for how we can best play slots, says Hammer, who is ranked the third best player.

The 24 year old will not reveal details of the plans, but say they hope to have the same success against Anand team, like last year.

- Hammer said that Anand should not get their dreaded preparations, for he is very good when he does it. To a certain extent we were able to prevent that he could sit there to remember. We want Magnus to play against Anand - not a computer.

- And we managed a good thing. Magnus did not lose a single party.

Hammer fear, however, that there will be tougher this year.

- I think basically it's amazing that there will be a rematch because I did not think that Anand could backfire. But he showed strength in the World Cup qualifiers and played amazingly well. I think he is better prepared than last year, and we saw him win the tournament in Bilbao front Levon Aronian as recently as last week.

Carlsen has not played up to his best lately, but Hammer believes that the reigning world champion has improved.

- He has more experience and is after all the world's best chess player, but it will probably be smoother than last time.
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