Follow Carlsen Anand World Chess Championship 2014 live

FIDE Sochi World Chess Championship 2014 Live - Magnus Carlsen vs Vishy Anand will be available live in Major Chess platforms, Mobile apps and Youtube in live stream format. The chess enthusiasts can also follow with live analysis, commentators and live chat. Most of the users will prefer to devote themselves to the chess websites on the match day. There has been a new trend emerged where users will follow the match via Mobile Apps. The World Chess championship 2014 will be the most awaited chess tournament in the entire year.

Vishy Anand's historical turn around after the world chess championship 2013 has been the major topic in all the chess discussions forums. His win at Candidates and Bilbao has made his play to his strength and manage the weakness. It need to be seen if Carlsen will be able to exploit the Indian Wizard's weakness like in last year Chennai Championship.

How to follow the World Chess Championship 2014 Live -
  1. Official FIDE Website 
  2. Chessdom
  3. Chess24
  4. Youtube link
Mobile Applications - This has been a new trend from the World Chess championship 2013 where we saw the surge in mobile apps, streaming and promoting the games live. Its also convenient for users to follow the games live.
  1. World Chess Championship 2014 - Android - Bullfinch
  2. World Chess Championship 2014 - iOS - Bullfinch
  3. Official Android App for Sochi Championship
  4. Official iOS Chess App for Chess championship

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