Anand Carlsen battle in world chess championship 2014

The final stage is ready! Anand Carlsen to going to fight against each other in Sochi Olympic Village for becoming the World Chess Champion 2014. All the chess enthusiasts around the world is eagerly waiting for the match to begin and witness the epic battle. The supporters of Magnus Carlsen and Vishy Anand has already begun the Social media wars in Twitter & Facebook.

Magnus Carlsen the current world champion is considered favorite by many due to his age & ability to derive win from a rather equal positions. Carlsen also desperately looking for the his bad forms in Chess Olympiad and sinquefield cup. Watch Caruana vs Carlsen in the 2nd round of Sinque Field Cup (Video).

Vishy Anand, the five times world champion rather had an amazing run after the last year loss in the World championship match. Anand showed lot of interesting Opening preparations, Middle Game ideas in the Candidates tournament, Bilbao Master final. Anand's win against Aronian in the 1st round of Candidates is an example.

It is the first time Sochi Olympics Village is hosting the World Chess Championship 2014. Anand-Carlsen Match is scheduled from 7th November to 28th November, 2014. The world chess championship 2014 budget is $3,000,000. There were other venues in France, Norway considered initially, but none of the organizers from those respective countries could comes up with the sponsorship amount FIDE specified from the Carlsen Anand rematch.

The world chess championship 2013 match was held in Chennai, India where the Norwegian Champion, World No.1 Magnus Carlsen upset Vishy Anand 6.5-3.5. Chess enthusiasts criticized Anand's Game plan and preparations for Anand's loss.

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